Police captain prosecuted for deadly shooting

Captain Le Tran Duy Huu Hanh, a police officer in My Tho City, was charged with the murderous act while on duty, January 21.

Modern Hanh has been temporarily suspended from work in Tien Giang by the Police of Tien Giang Province, banned from leaving his residence.

Nơi một trong ba người bị trúng đạn khi cảnh sát nổ súng. Ảnh: An Nam.
Where one in three people were hit by bullets when police opened fire. Photo: An Nam.

According to the initial investigation, on the afternoon of December 29, My Tho City Police received the news that 20 people gathered chicken fowl in the garden in My Phong commune. Major Nguyen Van Du and Captain Le Tran Duy Huu Hanh were assigned to the investigation site.

Due to the group of chicken fighters fleeing, Major Du restrained the man, about six other young men came running around. Captain Hanh nearby was holding a pistol CZ83 exploded 5 rounds to relieve the team.

After the police confiscated material evidence including rock chickens and four motorbikes, people discovered Nguyen Van Lien (37 years old), Dong Quoc Tri (41 years old) and Nguyen Van Cua (41 years old, together in My Tho). Injuries to his neck, hands and knees. All three were injured by bullet wounds, and were taken to emergency.

12 days later, Mr. Lien died while being treated at a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. Neighbors said that Mr. Lien worked as a mason, with difficult circumstances, without his wife and children, living with his elderly mother of nearly 70 years.

 An Nam