Đỗ Mỹ Linh photographed high fashion.

Miss Đỗ Mỹ Linh completely changed the fashion style in the photos that she just made.

Đỗ Mỹ Linh

Đỗ Mỹ Linh has just ‘transformed’ her style and professional body-shaping skills in the middle of the street.

Đỗ Mỹ Linh - 1

If previously Đỗ Mỹ Linh only showed sweet beauty through gentle wings, in this new photo she brings a whole new look to the audience.

Đỗ Mỹ Linh - 2

Miss conveyed the high fashion nature through each set of clothes by her charisma and how to pose her personality.

Đỗ Mỹ Linh - 3

Basic white shirts are coordinated with unique designs jumpsuit, accessories are cut by Yves Saint Laurent.

Đỗ Mỹ Linh - 4

The bold make-up and cold expressions on her face are even more compatible with Linh’s short hair.

Đỗ Mỹ Linh - 5

Daring V-neck skirt is also selected by Đỗ Mỹ Linh to help her image become more fresh and impressive, which is mixing with sexy dresses is a large metal accessory in accordance with the fashion trend of 2020.

Đỗ Mỹ Linh - 6

Temporarily shaking off the image of ‘friendly beauties’ with slender dresses, Đỗ Mỹ Linh is not afraid to test herself through new styles and costumes.

Đỗ Mỹ Linh - 8

Miss suit became more eye-catching by decorated with a large pink bow on the back.

Đỗ Mỹ Linh - 9

Qua những thiết kế độc đáo của nhà thiết kế Chung Thanh Phong, hoa hậu khéo léo khoe trọn vẻ đẹp hình thể.

Đỗ Mỹ Linh - 10

Đỗ Mỹ Linh shared: ‘In 2020 the audience will see more interesting, personal or bold images of me. At the same time, this will also be the year I am more active with many roles. I hope the audience will welcome me with new things in the image as well as in the upcoming plans ’.

Đỗ Mỹ Linh - 11

The set of photos was done with the help of photographer Trương Tùng Lâm, makeup Dương Hữu Nghĩa, stylist Kye, Chung Thanh Phong costume.

According to Duy Khánh