Calendar ‘hunt’ spring flowers in the northern highlands

In spring, when Moc Chau is full of white plum, plum, Sa Pa and Bac Ha valley, dyed pink by peach blossom.

In the spring, the northern mountainous provinces welcome many different flowers. Among them are the Moc Chau plum blossom season, Dien Bien ban flower and Sapa peach blossom. These flowers usually do not bloom evenly over a certain period of time but depend on the weather. Therefore, visitors should choose the right time and beautiful places to see flowers. Here are the experiences of Mr. Nguyen Van Viet, 31 years old, HDV of Vietravel.

The flowers bloom by region

In the north of our country the most characteristic is peach blossom. Typically, this flower blooms best during the Chinese New Year, if the weather is cool. In highland provinces and cities, flowers bloom in about two weeks, longer than the plains.

Hoa đào nở trong các thung lũng ở Sa Pa. Ảnh: Thi/Shutterstock.

Peach blossoms bloom in the valleys of Sapa. Photo: Thi / Shutterstock.

The first suggested destination for tourists is Sa Pa, Lao Cai province. In the cold and foggy weather, the peach branches here are overflowing with life, staining a sky. The places to see flowers are along Sa Pa town, Ham Rong mountain, Ta Van village, Ta Phin or under the cable car station. In addition, visitors can visit Bac Ha district, about 100 km from the center of Sapa town. Here, the valley has been planned to grow flowers all year round, but the Tet season will be mainly peach blossom.

The end of January and early February is the time when peach blossoms fade in Ha Giang. The flowers here are not grown in clusters, but grow along the mountainside, stretching along the mountain pass through Quan Ba, Dong Van, Yen Minh and Meo Vac. Colors combine with the wildness of the mountains, bringing natural beauty and intimacy. People in Ha Giang also often plant peach trees in the yard or beside stone fences. Some beautiful flower viewing spots are Lung Cu, Pho Bang, Sung La … In addition to peach blossom, Ha Giang spring also welcomes pear, plum and turnip flowers in early March.

This occasion is also the season of plum blossoms, plum flowers in Moc Chau and Son La. When the tiny flowers begin to bloom, the plum garden is filled with white like clouds. The most attractive destination for plum flowers is Na Ka valley, plum hill behind Ban Ang pine forest. In addition, you can also go to Mu Nui Plum Valley and Thung Cuong Village. Earlier in November and December, Thung Cuong also had white cabbage flower.

Những bông hoa mận nở thành từng chùm. Ảnh: Việt Nguyễn.
Plum blossoms bloom in clusters. Photo: Viet Nguyen.

March and April are the beginning of the flowering season in Dien Bien and Son La. This flower when blooming usually has no leaves, each white or pink flower spreads its big wings, full of branches. In the center of Dien Bien Phu city, bananas are planted along Vo Nguyen Giap Boulevard. In Son La city, visitors can admire flowers anywhere in the city, especially the Flower Valley, Quyet Thang Ward.


In spring, in the northern mountains, the weather is cool and cold at night. Travelers should bring appropriate warm coats, hats, especially those traveling by motorbike. In addition, you should bring sports shoes, to easily move on steep or uneven terrain. In the first two months of the year, in Moc Chau and Sa Pa, there may be light drizzle and fog, you should bring an umbrella when you go out. An inner umbrella is a good idea for taking photos.

Du khách cần thật cẩn thận khi di chuyển qua những đoạn đường đèo, đặc biệt là khi đi bằng xe máy. Ảnh: Việt Nguyễn.

Visitors should be careful when traveling through the pass sections, especially when traveling by motorbike. Photo: Viet Nguyen.

When visiting, visitors should not give local children money and candy. If the kids sell, you can support. In some markets today there are many items imported from other places, so travelers should carefully check the quality and consult the price before buying.

At flower growing sites, visitors should not pick or damage the surrounding landscape. There are a number of paid photo spots on the way.

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