Drugged passengers to rob gold rings

Mr. Bac crushed sleeping pills and put them in a can of bird’s nest for passengers on the bus from Ho Chi Minh City to Lam Dong to drink, then robbed the gold ring.

On January 20, the police of Lam Dong province was detaining Le Van Bac (63 years old, living in Binh Duong province) to investigate the act of robbery.

On the evening of December 9, 2019, Mr. Ho Van Thanh (living in Ho Chi Minh City) took a bus from Mien Dong bus station (Ho Chi Minh City) to Da Lat City.

When he arrived at the station, the passengers were all gone but Mr. Thanh still slept despite everyone calling. Mr. Thanh was then taken to Lam Dong General Hospital for emergency treatment and determined to be drugged.

Danh thuoc me hanh khach de cuop nhan vang hinh anh 1 danh_thuoc_me.jpg
Le Van Bac at the investigating agency. Photo: Police provided.

Upon receiving the victim’s report, the Lam Dong Police Department has set up a case study to investigate. On January 17, police identified Mr. Bac as the culprit and arrested.

Searching the whereabouts of the suspect, the police collected large amounts of money, rings, gold chains and Valium sleeping pills.

At the police, Mr. Bac declared on December 9, suspects bought a ticket from Mien Dong bus station to Da Lat city. Seeing that Mr. Thanh wore a gold ring, he secretly crushed 4 sleeping pills into a can of bird’s nest.

The suspect chose the opportunity to get acquainted and then invited Mr. Thanh to drink a can of bird’s nest with sleeping pills. When arriving at Da Lat bus station, Bac took the victim’s ring and then took the car back to Ho Chi Minh City.

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