The special thing of Finnish education

In Finland, students start school at 9:30, finish before 2:30 pm and are not required to take any standardized exams. Teachers are respected as doctors Finland attaches importance to education. Here, teaching career is the desire of many people and has a very high rate […]

Compare higher education in the US, Europe and Japan

Students rate Western schools to help them interact well with faculty, while universities in Japan do not do this well. In early 2020, Times Higher Education (THE) published and analyzed the results of higher education surveys in the US, Europe and Japan based on the […]

What to prepare before studying in Australia?

Two hours of studying abroad, but in reality is not completely pink, some friends once said “I thought it was a heaven of knowledge and a fear of heaven”. Studying Bachelor of Accounting and Master of Business Administration at Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia), Ms. Truong […]

Meeting to organize the online contest “School law”

On the afternoon of January 16, the Organizing Committee and Secretariat of the National Online Contest to learn legal knowledge “School law” held a meeting to evaluate the results of the competition since its launch up to now. and comments on the draft documents for […]