Gil Lê’s dashing appearance receives much love from the audience

Appears in episode 13 of Người ấy là ai, Gil Lê received many compliments for her handsome appearance. The 28-year-old singer is famous for her unisex beauty.

Who’s that episode 13 was on the evening of July 12 with the appearance of an advisory cast including Minh Hằng, Bùi Anh Tuấn, BB Trần and Gil Lê. After the show, the production crew posted some interesting excerpts between mentors and program participants on the Internet.

Ngoai hinh banh bao cua Gil Le duoc khan gia yeu thich hinh anh 1
Gil Lê ‘s outstanding appearance in the show Người ấy là ai.

The excerpts above attract great attention from the audience, especially fans of singer Gil Lê. The singer was born in 1991 thanks to her fashion style and beautiful appearance.

On the video posting page, the audience left many comments praising the beauty of Gil Lê.

“Gil commented properly, was so beautiful and graceful”, “I kept looking at Gil Lê forever, just hope he filmed do not pan the phone away”, “Gil Lê is beautiful in every angle” … are the compliments fro the fans for the 28-year-old vocalist.

Not only impressed by his appearance, Gil Lê was also praised for being a psychologist, understanding stories and giving the right advice. The 28-year-old singer also displayed a sense of humor when “juggling” with Trấn Thành and BB Trần created many laughter for the audience.

This is not the first time Gil Lê has attracted attention because of her dashing, eye-catching appearance. She often becomes the focus of attention of the audience whenever appearing in television shows.





Ngoai hinh banh bao cua Gil Le duoc khan gia yeu thich hinh anh 2
Gil Lê and Minh Hằng, Bùi Anh Tuấn, BB Trần appeared as advisors.

The 28-year-old singer entered the entertainment industry in 2011 as a member of the X5 group. Thanks to her unique tomboy appearance, Gil Lê has an overwhelming fan base among the rest of the group.

After leaving X5, Gil Lê pursued a solo career. She participated in many fields such as singing, hosting, acting but did not make a prominent mark.

Recently, Gil Lê released the music video Người mình yêu chưa chắc đã yêu mình, marking the return to the music of the former member of the X5 group after a long absence. The song received positive feedback from the listeners.

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