Kaia Gerber broke up with her boyfriend

Kaia Gerber, 18-year-old model, supermodel daughter Cindy Crawford, ended her relationship with comedian Pete Davidson after three months of dating.

According to E! News, Kaia and Pete Davidson have quietly broken up for a while. “They decided to stop the relationship so that Pete would focus on mental health.”

Kaia và Pete Davidson hồi tháng 11/2019.

Kaia and Pete Davidson in November 2019.

Another source also revealed on Pagesix, the pair of stars have not been together since the beginning of the new year. Pete Davidson has many problems to solve while Kaia is too young.

The last time Kaia and 26-year-old comedian met was on December 26. That day, Pete Davidson came to Kaia’s apartment and seemed to have a tense conversation with her father – businessman Rande Gerber. A while later, Pete got in the car and left while Rande and Cindy and his wife stood in the sidewalk, discussing the anxiety of Kaia’s boyfriend.

Pete Davidson is said to be going for mental health treatment. With this program, the actor will not be able to contact and interact with relatives. Meanwhile, Kaia spends time with family and friends. She went to Miami, Florida to take pictures of a vacation with two friends.

Kaia bên mẹ, siêu mẫu Cindy Crawford, tại sân bay New York ngày 15/1.
Kaia with her mother, supermodel Cindy Crawford, at New York airport on January 15.

On January 15, Kaia and her mother flew from Florida to New York. The beauty nestled behind her mother when she met paparazzi and was in a bad mood. According to E! News, supermodel Cindy Crawford came to pick up her daughter, encouraging Kaia amid this sensitive time.

Kaia Gerber and Pete Davidson have been dating since October last year. Their love story has surprised many people and is not supported by Kaia fans. Pete Davidson is famous for many quick love affairs in the past and used to be noisy when getting engaged and canceling marriage fast with singer Ariana Grande.

Mối tình của Kaia và Pete kéo dài từ tháng 10 đến tháng 12.

Kaia and Pete’s love lasts from October to December.

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