Police captain prosecuted for deadly shooting

Captain Le Tran Duy Huu Hanh, a police officer in My Tho City, was charged with the murderous act while on duty, January 21. Modern Hanh has been temporarily suspended from work in Tien Giang by the Police of Tien Giang Province, banned from leaving […]

Nghe An: Seizing 5 heroin cakes and 1,000 synthetic drugs

Nghe An provincial authorities discovered and arrested Thò Ba Mua (born in 1970, residing in Tri Le commune, Que Phong district) who are illegally trading and transporting narcotics. Exhibits 5 heroin, 1,000 synthetic drugs. (Photo: VNA) On January 20, the police of Nghe An province […]

Drugged passengers to rob gold rings

Mr. Bac crushed sleeping pills and put them in a can of bird’s nest for passengers on the bus from Ho Chi Minh City to Lam Dong to drink, then robbed the gold ring. On January 20, the police of Lam Dong province was detaining […]

PV Oil Thanh Hoa building fire, 9 casualties

The fire at the PV Oil Thanh Hoa building in the center of Thanh Hoa City caused the elevator to stop working, many people were trapped on the upper floors. At about 6:30 pm on January 16, at the PV Oil Building in Thanh Hoa […]

Sell ​​women for 240 million

La Thi Hien (26 years old, resident of Con Cuong district) was sentenced to 5 years in prison for selling a woman to China for VND 240 million, with the promise of “a rich life”. The verdict sentenced on January 14 by the People’s Court […]

Phó giám đốc nhà máy ôtô VEAM bị bắt

Nguyen Duc Toan, deputy director of VEAM automobile factory and his subordinates allegedly embezzled assets. Nguyen Duc Toan at the investigating agency. Image. Police. On January 16, the Investigation Police Agency (C03) of the Ministry of Public Security issued an order to prosecute the accused […]