Shu Qi, Zhou Xun chatter on Tran Khon

Three close friends Thu Ky, Chau Tan and Tran Khon reunited in the evening of January 17 and shared photos on social networks.

In a series of photos shared by three artists, they sat together, laughing and having fun. In some other images, several other friends also attended. A source said that the group of friends had an early birthday party for Tran Khon.

Trần Khôn, Châu Tấn, Thư Kỳ bên nhau. 

Trần Khôn, Châu Tấn (black shirt), Thư Kỳ together.

Dáng ngồi của ba người cho thấy họ rất thân thiết. 
The stance of the three people shows that they are very close.

Tran Khon, Chau Tan and Thu Ky are close friends and have been with each other for many years. On screen, you are acting partner, in real life you are close, three people are free to gather. Recently, on the occasion of the 18th birthday of son Tran Khon, the “triad” also reunited.

All three artists are prominent names of Chinese showbiz. Chau Tan was once married, now divorced and has no children. She was rumored to love singer Dau Tinh Dong, the daughter of Vuong Phi. Meanwhile, Shu Qi took the director Phung Duc Luan and had no children. Tran Khon has never been married, has a foster son.

Trần Khôn trong một hình ảnh nhí nhố đời thường.

Trần Khôn in a daily life image.

 Nguyễn Hương