Singer Bon Nabi is gorgeous in T-Safari costume in Malaysia

Photo of Nguyễn Xuân Huy

Là khách mời danh dự trong sự kiện  đêm chung kết Miss Beauty Universe 2020 tại Malaysia vừa qua, ca sĩ, hoa hậu châu Á 2019 Bon Nabi  không chỉ có màn biểu diễn độc đáo cùng các vũ công mà còn vô cùng lộng lẫy trong trang phục dạ hội mang đầy sắc mầu thiên nhiên của NTK Hồ Trần Dạ Thảo.

Photo of Nguyễn Xuân Huy

The dominant green color, a color that is difficult to accentuate and blends with accessories, but for Hồ Trần Dạ Thảo , that’s not the point. She loves the natural colors of the Central Highlands, where she was born and raised so the colors in her creative products are mostly original colors. Sometimes, the mixture of natural colors and classical patterns also brings its own characteristics in Dạ Thảo’s designs without mixing with other brands, it keeps standing isolated and unique, even considered to be “unapproachable” to customers who prefer the easy, but is the passion of fashion followers who prefer elegance and differentiation.

More than 15 years of creating T-Safari brand, Hồ Trần Dạ Thảo has persevered and elaborately built a brand with special features ranging from colors, patterns of costumes to styles, accessories such as shoes, bags or pretty hats make many domestic and foreign customers when using the product are fascinated. T-Safari was located on the most prestigious street in district 1 and Nguyễn Trãi street, which is like a dash between thousands of domestic and international brands.

“I like the designs of T-Safari, the suits are very special, it makes the wearer feel confident and soaring. The designs for daily life are very beautiful, I like the patterns on T-Safari products, it’s not like any designer products. I like it because it’s really different. ”Singer, Miss Bon Nabi shared.

Photo of Nguyễn Xuân Huy

“She was really awkward at the event, lots of international guests requested to take pictures with her. What made Bon Nabi stand out at the event was the T-Safari prom dresses she wore, which stood out most of the night gowns. I’m proud to have chosen the right outfit to make her more beautiful, ”said Ms. Thu Hương, singer manager Bon Nabi.

According to Amira Trần