Thai coach continues to outstrip Mr. Park in terms of income

Coach Akira Nishino receives a salary of about US $ 100,000 per month in a new contract signed with the Thai Football Federation.

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Coach Akira Nishino

The Thai Football Federation (FAT) and coach Akira Nishino have reached an agreement to extend the contract for an additional 2 years. In the new contract, Mr. Nishino’s salary continues to increase. Although the exact number was not disclosed, some sources said that the Japanese military would receive about $ 100,000 a month.

This income is more than double the figure of US $ 50,000 coach Park Hang-seo received monthly in Vietnam. The increase in remuneration comes with the responsibility of Nishino coach also increased. Accordingly, this rulers must help recruit Thailand to attend the 2026 World Cup.

Mr. Akira Nishino was appointed in September 2019. Although he has not had success with Thai football, but he has also left a mark when helping Thailand, U23 Thailand returned to the small game.

At the Asian U23 2020 tournament taking place at home, Thais are eliminated in the quarterfinals after a 0-1 defeat to Saudi Arabia. Worth mentioning, the only goal of the game came from a controversial situation when the referee penalized a Thai penalty but the home team thought that their player was foul outside the penalty area.

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