The 14-year-old boy played rubik speedily, defeating member Siêu trí tuệ

Challenge and defeat Ngọc Thịnh – a member of Siêu trí tuệ Việt Nam, helping Đức Phước to replace the opponent.

Episode 9 of Siêu trí tuệ Việt Nam lên sóng tối 21/9 aired on the evening of 21/9 was a fierce battle between two rookie Tuấn Minh, Đức Phước in front of two members of the Siêu trí tuệ team. In this round, if the challenger wins, they will replace the opponent to become a member of Siêu trí tuệ.

In the match between Tuấn Minh and Phước Vinh, the 11-year-old boy won an overwhelming 5-0. Meanwhile, the confrontation between Đức Phước and Ngọc Thịnh is a thrilling chase to the end.

Cau be 14 tuoi xoay rubik than toc, danh bai thanh vien Sieu tri tue hinh anh 1 VieChannel_-_Photos_Sieu_Tri_Tue_-_DucPhuoc_vs_NgocThinh_(8).jpg
Đức Phước suddenly won against his seniors.

In the speedy Rubik challenge, the two went through 3 rounds. In the first 5 minutes, Ngọc Thịnh was the one who mixed the rubik, Đức Phước restructured. Ngọc Thịnh said that he broke rubik blocks very carefully to make Đức Phước difficult. In the final seconds, the 14-year-old boy quickly drew near the distance from the opponent.

In the second round, the position was swapped, Đức Phước was the one who mixed the rubik, Ngọc Thịnh restructured it.

The boy made good use of the opportunity to escape the opponent’s clinching narrowly, winning the second round.

In the 3rd round, the two had different tactics – Ngọc Thịnh chose to mix rubik to make it difficult for opponents, and Đức Phước chose to focus on solving the rubik. Science examiner Trần Thành Nam said: “In terms of tactics, Đức Phước seems to take advantage and have smarter tactics.”

Cau be 14 tuoi xoay rubik than toc, danh bai thanh vien Sieu tri tue hinh anh 2 VieChannel_-_Photos_Sieu_Tri_Tue_-_DucPhuoc_vs_NgocThinh_(9).jpg
Ngọc Thịnh loses cause of regret.

Winning the match and also a successful challenger, Đức Phước officially became the person who took over the prestigious trophy of Siêu trí tuệ Việt Nam from Ngọc Thịnh.

Đức Phước overwhelmed but the boy could not hide his surprise: “I cannot believe that I have won against Thịnh. That is very lucky for me. ”

Parting from the program, Ngọc Thịnh had a heartfelt sharing: “Although the cup of Siêu trí tuệ Việt Nam no longer belongs to me, I still wish Phuoc will bring greater achievements to the Vietnamese rubik community in future”.

Hải Thanh/