Trường Giang cried and laughed with the story of father and son in ’30 chưa phải Tết’

With a new genre and a spring atmosphere, multi-generation cast members, the film “30 chưa phải Tết” directed by Quang Huy promises to be a new “food” for the whole family for the New Year.

30 chưa phải Tết promises to bring a lot of laugh through the comedy duo Trường Giang – Mạc Văn Khoa. Not only that, the latest trailer of the film also surprised the audience with a touching story about father and son when Hân (Trường Giang) came back to his hometown on New Year’s Eve to get his father’s land, Hân forever stucks again on the 30th New Year and from then realize many things have been missed.

Truong Giang khoc cuoi voi chuyen cha con trong '30 chua phai Tet' hinh anh 1 1_5.jpg
Cast of many generations gathered in 30 chưa phải Tết.

Right at the first scene in front of his house, Han refers to the character played by People’s Artist Hồng Vân as an “outsider”, who will take away the family land: “I came back to get what belongs to my son’s cheeks. , otherwise he would bring it to outsiders. ”

Closer to the premiere date, the curiosity about the movie content increased. But after all, the moving atmosphere of a fatherhood story promises to tear viewers’ eyes. The film puts the character in a tortuous situation when they have to repeat their journey back home, thereby conveying the message: There are many places to go, Tet there is only one place to go back. However, when realizing the true values ​​in the land of each other to cut the umbilical cord, the main character really “returns home”.

Truong Giang khoc cuoi voi chuyen cha con trong '30 chua phai Tet' hinh anh 2 2_7.jpg
The film conveys many meaningful family messages.

“30 chưa phải Tết” is a movie for the audience to enjoy the Lunar New Year with their friends and relatives. For a long time, I have long wanted to make a movie that viewers can entertain, just contemplating, urging to remove all worries and chaos of the old year and cherishing the warm, beautiful relationships around me, ”the director shared about his third movie.

With seasoned acting experience, Trường Giang, People’s Artist Việt Anh and People’s Artist Hồng Vân promise to make the audience shed tears with a touching story about father and son love. From a face only remembered by the audience for comedy, Trường Giang brought a new color in 30 chưa phải Tết. His naive acting makes the messages and instructions of the father in the trailer even more intimate and emotional.

Truong Giang khoc cuoi voi chuyen cha con trong '30 chua phai Tet' hinh anh 3 3_5.jpg
It was the wobbly situation that helped the main character realize many things.

Director Quang Huy considered his “brainchild” a unique story but close to everyone. The time loop genre is still strange to many audiences, but Hân’s unique journey is the way to rediscover the value of family affection. Therefore, every audience can find a part of themselves in that story – a young man who runs after the temptation of money and forgets the true value of himself and his family.

Truong Giang khoc cuoi voi chuyen cha con trong '30 chua phai Tet' hinh anh 4 4_3.jpg
The film helps viewers realize the true value lies in themselves and their families.

Through the humorous and touching story of Hân’s father and son, 30 chưa phải Tết promises to bring crying, laughter, deep feelings to the father and son. At the same time, the audience can empathize with the character and reflect on themselves.

Giang Di Linh/