‘Yêu một người tổn thương’ reaches 5 million views on YouTube

After a series of hits such as “Thằng hầu” or “Tướng quân”, Nhật Phong continued to attract attention with the song “Yêu một người tổn thương”.

Starting a professional singing career not long ago, being loved when covering familiar hits such as Tình đơn phương 2Mưa trên cuộc tình… but Nhật Phong’s name only gained attention after the song Thằng hầu with more than 15 million views after a month of release on YouTube.

Nhật Phong graduated from university with a vocal major after 7 years studying methodically at Vietnam National Academy of Music. Possessing a warm and energetic voice, he tried in the official singing competitions such as Sao Mai, Tiếng hát Truyền hình Hà Nội … but never got to the final night.

‘Yeu mot nguoi ton thuong’ dat 5 trieu luot xem tren YouTube hinh anh 1 nhat_phong.jpg
Nhật Phong is well-trained in music at Vietnam National Academy of Music.

Stepping into the real world with Thằng hầu and Tướng quân, Nhật Phong – the singer who sings love songs from the virtual world – increasingly proves his talent.

Recently, the singer continued to attract attention when his song Yêu một người tổn thương was warmly received by the public.

Up to the present time, Nhật Phong’s song Yêu một người tổn thương has reached 5 million views on YouTube and topped the current hottest song chart on the online music chart, surpassing many famous names. language.

Yêu một người tổn thương is a song composed by Nhật Phong himself. The song has a gentle melody, the lyrics are like the author’s confession when he falls in love with a girl who has been hurt in a romance.

With a warm voice and narrative singing style, Nhật Phong promises to continue storming V-pop in the near future.

Giang Tiểu San/Zing.vn